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      SIM card holder with push type 6pin microSim connector

      • category:microSim Series

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      • Release date:2018/06/22
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      Product ID:
      product name:
      0121CAAA07A Post Push type 6pin microSim connector
      Plastic: black high temperature UL94V-0; terminal: copper alloy; shell: stainless steel
      Product Note:
      Push type without CD terminal, SMT type L15.30*W16.95*H1.35
      Product Category:
      SIM microSim NanoSIM

      Technical parameters: 
      1. Rated current: 0.5A AC / DC  
      2. Rated voltage: 125V AC / DC 
      3. Operating temperature: -20 °C ~ +60 °C 
      4. Storage temperature: -40 °C ~ +70 °C 
      5. Contact resistance : 100m ohms max. 
      6. Withstand voltage: 250V AC / 1 minute 
      7. Insulation resistance: 1000M ohms min./500VDC 
      8. Durability: 10000 times 
      9. Product temperature resistance: 260±5°C 10S 
      10. Flatness: 0.10 Mm MAX. 
      11. RoHS compliant 
      12. Stable and superior performance 
      Product Description: 
      1. This connector is widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, navigators, LCD TVs, automobiles, aviation, smart wearable devices, etc.; 
      2. This product inspection process For: IQC feed inspection -> into the warehouse -> pre-line self-test -> IPQC inspection -> FQC final inspection -> OQC cargo inspection 
      3. This product production process is: on-line inspection -> Cutting adhesive ribbons-->Assembled sliders, tie rods, springs-->Assembled housings-->Push inspection-->Electrical inspection-->Flatness inspection-->Positive inspection-->Appearance inspection-- >FQC Inspection-->Storage


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