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      HDMI A TYPE Female Terminal vertical 10.50MM length

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      • Release date:2018/06/30
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      Product ID:
      product name:
      HDMI A TYPE Female Terminal SMT Type DIP
      Plastic: Black high temperature UL94V-0; Terminal: Copper alloy housing: Stainless steel
      Product Note:
      A type female head, SMT type L12.40*W12.20*H6.00
      Product Category:
      HDMI series

      Technical parameters: 
      1. Rated current: 0.5A  
      2. Rated voltage: 40V  
      3. Operating temperature: -55 °C ~ +105 °C 
      4. Storage temperature: -55 °C ~ +105 °C 
      5. Contact resistance: 30m ohms max. 
      6 Insulation resistance: 1000M ohms min./500VDC 
      7. Durability times: 10000 times 
      8. Product temperature resistance: 245±5°C 10S 
      9. RoHS Compliant 
      Product Description: 
      1. This connector is widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, navigators , LCD TV, etc.; 
      2. This product inspection process is: IQC feed inspection -> into the warehouse -> pre-line self-test -> IPQC inspection -> FQC final inspection -> OQC out of the cargo inspection 
      3. This Product production process is: pre-line inspection -> automatic machine molding -> assembled shell -> electrical test -> pressure test -> flatness test -> positive test -> appearance test -->FQC Inspection --> Storage

      XNT-HDMIA-19P180D .pdf

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